Here are examples of questions commonly asked by our clients. If you would like to send us your question and photo, email us at info@canamcabinet.com

Client Question: “This is a picture of my new home office. The space is a bit awkward to work with. I need custom work to be done. Can you do it?”
Answer: “Yes, we will work with you to design a perfect layout and build custom cabinetry for a perfect fit.”

Client Question: “These are the floor tiles in our master bath. We want vanities and countertops (quartz or granite) to harmonize with the color and style of the tiles. Not sure what though”.
Answer: Please visit our showroom. We have quite a variety of door styles and colors to choose from. Our designers will help guide you in your selection.

Client Question: “I saw this picture in a magazine and would like something similar, but not quite like it. I want a different type of wood and want to incorporate a television above the fireplace. Would you be able to do that?”
Answer: Absolutely! We will design and manufacture it according to your ideas and specifications.

Client Question: “My husband and I love European cabinets, but not the price!!! Besides, we want to buy local. Can we have something similar from you?”
Answer: Definitely. We manufacture cabinets in a variety of styles and finishes. You’ll get exactly what you want.



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